hudini lite

Digitally transform your hotel

in weeks with Hudini’s core

hospitality functions!

Hudini Lite is an omnichannel hospitality transformation solution that makes digital adoption cost effective, simple and accessible for all types of hotels.

Hudini Lite is powered by our propriety middleware engine and comes with a set of core hospitality modules required to meet today’s guest experience and digital enablement standards.

Room booking

Mobile checkin

Digital room key

Smart chat

Hosting and maintenance

Personalize and upsell

Get smart,go


From online booking to issuing digital room

keys on your guest’s smartphone, deploy a

completely contactless mobile check-in



Digitize verification and allow your guests to

skip the front desk, thereby reducing

unneccesary physical contact.

The art of saying


Leverage the most used medium of

communication and never miss a guest


Our conversational chat interface comes with

a pre-built chat bot for automated guest

request management.

A word of magic,


Create upsell opportunities throughout a

guest’s lifecycle by matching micro moments

with guest preferences.

Deliver tailored campaigns and messages at

just the right moment for increased guest


Plug & play

Works with existing hospitality hardware/software and can be deployed at multiple properties.

Robust platform

Customizable guest application,
configurable backend and
a powerful CMS.

Effort ↑ money

Automate hotel operations,
optimize staff efficiency and
generate more revenue!

Hudini Lite is available for hotels on a

per room per month pricing model.

We still maintain our customizable approach to meet specific requirements

with additional modules under Hudini Plus

Digitally transform your hotel